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Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery can target sagging around the thighs and buttocks to achieve a firmer-looking lower body. Certain factors, including aging or fluctuations in weight, may cause skin to become lax and lose elasticity. As a result, sagging begins to occur, taking away from the contours of your lower body. Thigh lift surgery addresses sagging by removing and lifting excess skin to restore a youthful appearance to the inner, outer, and mid thighs, as well as the buttocks. Additionally, this procedure can alleviate chafing caused by excess skin at the inner thighs. Asaadi Plastic Surgery offers thigh lift surgery to achieve long-lasting results and can combine a thigh lift with other body contouring techniques, such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, or post bariatric surgery.

What Is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery can address the inner, outer, and mid thighs to ensure symmetry. When lifting the thighs, small incisions are placed depending on the area(s) being treated. For patients undergoing a complete thigh lift, excess skin is carefully lifted and removed from all 3 areas of the thighs. Sagging skin around the buttocks can also be corrected during your thigh lift to improve contours and complement results.

The Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery
Can correct drooping or sagging skin around the lower body
Targets the inner, outer, and mid thighs, as well as the buttocks for symmetrical results
Can enhance lower body contours and improve firmness
Excess skin can be surgically removed and redraped
Designed to achieve long-lasting results
Can be performed during a full body lift or combined with other body contouring techniques

What Can I Expect Before My Thigh Lift Procedure?

Patients considering thigh lift surgery are first evaluated by Dr. Asaadi to determine if a thigh lift is ideal for them. Dr. Asaadi will examine your medical records, as well as your lower body, and will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your procedure goals. If you are suffering from hanging skin around the thighs and buttocks, then you may be an ideal candidate for thigh lift surgery.

Thigh lift patients are provided with special pre-care instructions to follow in the weeks leading up to surgery. This may include dietary restrictions, as well as limitations on certain medications or supplements. Dr. Asaadi suggests that you plan ahead for your thigh lift surgery by arranging for a friend or loved one to drive you to and from your procedure. Moreover, you should plan to rest for the first few days of recovery. Additional pre-surgery guidelines will be provided by Dr. Asaadi and our staff during your initial consultation.

What Can I Expect After My Thigh Lift Procedure?

Moderate swelling or bruising is normal after undergoing a thigh lift. Dr. Asaadi will prescribe medication to alleviate these effects and relieve discomfort until these symptoms subside within a few weeks. Depending on the extent of your procedure, a compression garment may be placed to assist in the healing process; this will be removed in the coming weeks.

Any strenuous activities, including exercise or housework, should be avoided for a few weeks after undergoing thigh lift surgery. Patients can usually return to work after 1-2 weeks, depending on recovery. Dr. Asaadi and our staff are available to assist with any after-surgery questions you may have and will provide further post-operative instructions during your in-office consultation.

Thigh lift surgery can address excess skin around the thighs and buttocks for natural-looking enhancements to the lower body. This procedure is designed to achieve long-lasting results for patients. Any thigh lift incisions are carefully concealed under clothing or in the natural creases of the body to ensure that scarring remains virtually unnoticeable after surgery.

The Importance Of Choosing A Highly Experienced Thigh Lift Surgeon

It is important that you choose a skilled thigh lift surgeon who understands your individual anatomy, as every patient’s body is different. When the right plastic surgeon performs thigh lift surgery, there is usually no need for a revision. Dr. Asaadi stresses the importance of choosing a qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon when considering your thigh lift procedure.

How Can I Get Started With Thigh Lift Surgery?

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi and our staff will be happy to discuss thigh lift surgery with you. Please contact our New Jersey office at 973.731.7000 or our New York office at 212.938.0158 to schedule a private consultation. You may also request an appointment online to meet with our thigh lift surgeon.



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