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Calf Augmentation
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Calf Augmentation

Calf implants, also referred to as calf augmentation, can surgically enhance calf size and definition to achieve fuller, more muscular-looking legs. The calves are among the most noticeable leg muscles. Large, contoured calf muscles can promote strength and attractiveness. Many patients, however, tend to have naturally small calf muscles due to genetics. Despite consistent exercise, patients often have trouble adding size and definition to their calves. Dr. Asaadi can surgically place calf implants that are specially sized to complement your legs. Either 1 or 2 calf implants can be inserted per leg during calf augmentation, depending on the anatomy of your legs. Calf implant surgery can provide long-lasting enhancements to the shape of your calf muscles.

What Is Calf Augmentation?

During calf augmentation, incisions are made towards the back of the knee. A pocket will be made and your calf implant(s) will then be fitted into this space. Calf implants are made of silicone and can be customized by shape and size to best complement your lower body. For patients with larger leg muscles, Dr. Asaadi can place 2 calf implants per leg for optimal results. Understanding the anatomy of the calves is important in order to achieve a natural look and feel. Your calf implants should complement the legs and add definition without seeming disproportionate to the surrounding muscle groups, such as the thighs and quadriceps.

The Benefits Of Calf Implants
Add natural-looking definition and shape to the calves
Can add size to genetically-small calf muscles
Implant proportions can be customized to complement surrounding leg muscles
1 or 2 calf implants can be placed per leg, depending on your desired results
Can provide long-lasting enhancements to the calves

What Can I Expect Before My Calf Augmentation Surgery?

Calf implant patients are first evaluated to see if calf augmentation is an ideal procedure for them. Dr. Asaadi will carefully examine and measure your calves and surrounding leg muscles in order to gain an understanding of the necessary proportions for your calf implants. Your medical history will also be checked before your calf implant surgery. Patients who are looking to add natural-looking size and shape to the calves may be ideal candidates for calf augmentation surgery.

Calf augmentation patients will receive specialized pre-care instructions to follow before undergoing surgery. Certain food, drink, medications, or supplements may need to be avoided in the weeks preceding your calf implant surgery. Dr. Asaadi encourages calf augmentation patients to plan for a few days of recovery immediately following surgery. You should be driven to-and-from your calf implant procedure by a friend or family member.

What Can I Expect After My Calf Implant Surgery?

Calf augmentation can result in moderate bruising and swelling that may last for a few weeks. Patients are advised to elevate the legs in the initial days of recovery to reduce swelling. Medication can be prescribed to help alleviate bruising, swelling, and discomfort.

Calf implant patients should not perform any strenuous activities for at least 1-2 months after calf augmentation surgery. You can usually return to normal walking, as well as work, after approximately 2 weeks. Dr. Asaadi, as well as our staff, can answer any questions you may have regarding your calf augmentation recovery. Specific recovery guidelines will be provided.

Calf implant surgery can achieve long-lasting enhancements to calf contours. Calf augmentation incisions are placed inconspicuously to remain virtually unnoticeable after your procedure.

The Importance Of Choosing A Highly Experienced Calf Augmentation Surgeon

It is important that you choose a skilled calf implant surgeon who understands your individual anatomy, as every patient’s body is different. When the right plastic surgeon performs calf augmentation, there is usually no need for a revision. Dr. Asaadi stresses the importance of choosing a qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon when considering your calf implant procedure.

How Can I Get Started With Calf Implant Surgery?

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi and our staff will be happy to discuss calf implants with you. Please contact our New Jersey office at 973.731.7000 or our New York office at 212.938.0158 to schedule a private consultation. You may also request an appointment online to meet with our plastic surgeon.



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