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Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation can help create fuller, shapely breasts by using your body’s own fat reserves. Breast fat transfer can help improve the shape and appearance of your breasts without breast implants used in traditional breast augmentation. For women who are concerned with the size or shape of their breasts, natural breast augmentation can help you achieve natural-looking enhanced breasts without breast implants.

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation uses a procedure known as natural breast fat transfer to shape your breast by using your body’s own fat reserves. Breast fat grafting is achieved by harvesting excess fat from parts of the body, such as the stomach, thighs, or buttocks. After this fat has been harvested, it will be carefully treated to remove any waste or impurities. This healthy fat will then be carefully transferred to your breasts through a syringe. Because natural breast augmentation uses no scalpels, you will have little to no breast scarring.

Breast fat grafting is a natural alternative for women who do not wish to undergo traditional breast augmentation surgery with breast implants. Women who have had a mastectomy, double mastectomy, or breast reconstruction surgery can safely receive natural breast augmentation to shape, size, and contour their breasts. Natural breast augmentation can increase the size of breasts up to 1 cup size and produce beautifully symmetrical results. Ongoing scientific research also suggests that the naturally occurring stem cells found in your body’s fat cells may help repair breast tissue that has been damaged by radiation treatments.

Natural breast augmentation is an outpatient breast enhancement surgery that is performed under local anesthesia. Breast fat grafting consists of 2 breast augmentation procedures that will be performed the same day. Your natural breast enhancement will begin with a liposuction procedure on the areas of your body where fat will be harvested. Your body’s fat cells are handled with extreme care during liposuction, cleaning, and grafting to ensure the likelihood that these fat cells will survive.

Your second natural breast augmentation will involve the healthy harvested fat now being transferred to your breasts through a syringe. Fat cells will be injected into your breast muscle instead of your breast tissue. You will be in a comfortable sitting position so that your breasts can be correctly shaped and sized during your breast fat transfer. It is normal that some fat cells will be processed by your body during your natural breast augmentation procedure, but 60-80% of your fat cells will survive your natural breast fat transfer.

Natural Breast Augmentation Overview

Step 1 Excess fat will first be harvested from a predetermined area, which is usually either the stomach, buttocks, or thighs
Step 2 The harvested fat from your stomach, buttocks, or thighs will be processed and treated to remove any impurities
Step 3 Your body’s natural fat will then be injected into your breast muscles through a syringe to create a fuller breast shape

What Can I Expect Before My Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Your natural breast augmentation consultation will begin with a breast exam and medical evaluation. During this consultation, Dr. Asaadi will determine the best area of your body to perform liposuction on to harvest the fat for your natural breast augmentation. Prior to your natural breast augmentation procedure, you will also undergo a routine mammogram to ensure the health of your breasts. Ideal natural breast augmentation candidates are looking to increase the shape, size, and contours of their breasts without breast implants and have realistic expectations with what natural breast augmentation can help them achieve.

What Can I Expect After My Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure?

After your natural breast augmentation, you may experience slight bruising, swelling, or discomfort. The potential for scarring is greatly reduced as natural breast augmentation does not use any incisions on the breasts. You may also experience discomfort or bruising on the areas of your body where fat has been harvested from. Any incisions made where your fat has been harvested are discreetly placed and are usually only just a few millimeters long, reducing any risk of overall scarring. Natural breast augmentation side effects will fade in the days following your natural breast augmentation procedure.

You may need to wear a prescribed compression garment over the areas where fat was harvested to ensure proper healing. On the other hand, you will not be able to wear a bra or any article of clothing that will put pressure on your beasts for the first 2 weeks following natural breast augmentation. You will also not be able to lay on your stomach or partake in any activity that will put any stress or pressure on your healing breasts for these first 2 weeks. Avoiding pressure on your breasts will allow for proper healing and the highest rate of fat cells surviving your natural breast augmentation procedure.

The Importance Of Choosing A Highly Experienced Natural Breast Augmentation Surgeon

It is important that you choose a skilled natural breast augmentation surgeon who understands your individual anatomy. When the right plastic surgeon performs natural breast augmentation surgery, there is usually no need for a revision. You will be able to return to daily activities or work in 1 week following your natural breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Asaadi stresses the importance of choosing a qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon when considering natural breast augmentation.

How Can I Get Started With Natural Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi and our staff will be happy to discuss natural breast augmentation with you. Please contact our New Jersey office at 973.731.7000 or our New York office at 212.938.0158 to schedule a private consultation. You may also request an appointment online to meet with our natural breast augmentation surgeon.



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