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Chin Augmentation

Chin implants, or chin augmentation, can enhance facial harmony by improving the contours of your chin and jawline. Many patients are not satisfied with their facial profile and would like to add natural-looking definition around the lower face. Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi performs chin augmentation in NJ, providing chin implants that can be sized and shaped accordingly to fit in with your individual facial structure. Patients suffering from a receded chin or rounded jawline can opt for chin implants at Asaadi Plastic Surgery. Additionally, chin implants are often paired with other facial rejuvenation techniques, including facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, and rhinoplasty, for more harmonious results.

What Are Chin Implants?

Chin augmentation can add size and shape to your existing facial profile to accentuate your existing features. Chin implants are made from safe materials and provide a long-lasting solution to lost facial volume by bringing forward a receding chin. During chin augmentation, a tiny incision is made underneath your chin to place your chin implant. This implant will be precisely sized and shaped to fit your profile. Dr. Asaadi will create a small pocket under the chin and place your implant before carefully suturing the area. In all, this procedure can take a half hour to an hour to complete and patients can achieve graceful-looking contours. In some cases, a chin implant can dramatically improve a patient’s appearance simply by adding balance and symmetry to the face.

The Benefits Of Chin Augmentation
Can bring forward a round chin and enhance contours
Designed to achieve natural-looking improvements to the jawline
Can achieve long-lasting results
Accentuates surrounding facial features
Minimally invasive incisions are used for shorter recovery times
Can improve self-confidence

What Can I Expect Before My Chin Implant Surgery?

Dr. Asaadi will determine which type of chin implant will fit your procedure goals during your initial consultation. Your medical history will be carefully evaluated to determine if chin augmentation is right for you. If you are looking to add natural-looking definition to your facial profile, then you may be an ideal candidate for chin implants.

You will be given special pre-surgery instructions and guidelines in order to best prepare for your chin implant surgery. Patients may need to avoid certain medications, supplements, foods, or beverages in the weeks prior. Dr. Asaadi recommends that you arrange for a friend or relative to drive you to and from your surgery. Additionally, chin augmentation patients should make appropriate plans to rest during the initial days of recovery. Dr. Asaadi can discuss more pre-care suggestions with you in-person at your initial consultation.

What Can I Expect After My Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common after undergoing surgery for chin implants. Patients may have to restrict their diet for the first few days of healing. Moreover, strenuous activities, including exercising or performing household chores, are not recommended for at least a few weeks. You may find it difficult to smile fully or move your mouth freely after surgery; this is common and you should regain full mobility in the coming weeks. Dr. Asaadi and our staff are on hand to discuss what you can expect during your chin implant recovery and to answer any questions you may have regarding chin augmentation.

Chin implants can enhance your existing facial features by adding natural-looking definition to the chin and jawline. Patients can expect long-lasting improvements to facial contours. All incisions are carefully placed by Dr. Asaadi to ensure that scarring is barely noticeable after your chin implant surgery.

The Importance Of Choosing A Highly Experienced Chin Implant Surgeon

It is important that you choose a skilled chin implant surgeon who understands your individual anatomy, as every patient’s facial structure is different. When the right plastic surgeon performs chin augmentation, there is usually no need for a revision. Dr. Asaadi stresses the importance of choosing a qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon when considering chin implants.

How Can I Get Started With Chin Implants?

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi and our staff will be happy to discuss chin implants with you. Please contact our New Jersey office at 973.731.7000 or our New York office at 212.938.0158 to schedule a private consultation. You may also request an appointment online to meet with our chin augmentation surgeon.



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