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Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, can treat loose or excess skin of the upper arms for a slimmer shape. There are various factors that may contribute to hanging arm skin. Patients who have experienced substantial weight loss may suffer from drooping skin left behind from lost arm fat. Aging can also contribute to loose arm skin, as skin loses firmness and laxity over time. Loose skin around the arms may lead to the appearance of “bat wings,” or pockets of skin that hang downward over the triceps. Brachioplasty can address these issues by surgically improving arm contours to achieve slender, graceful-looking arms. Arm lift surgery is often combined with liposuction to achieve substantial results. This comprehensive approach can remove excess fat and tighten skin in one procedure. Additionally, brachioplasty may be used alongside other body sculpting techniques for optimal results, including body lift surgery, abdominoplasty, and thigh lift surgery.

What Is Arm Lift Surgery?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi utilizes the specialized avulsion arm reduction technique when performing brachioplasty to shape the upper arms. Combining liposuction and arm lift surgery, this procedure allows for the precise removal of excess skin and achieves improved arm lift results. Additionally, avulsion brachioplasty preserves lymphatics.

During this method, liposuction is first performed around the treatment site. A tumescent anesthetic solution is administered to prepare the area. Tiny incisions are made and a small cannula is inserted under the skin to extract excess fat cells from the arms. Immediately following the liposuction portion of the procedure, Dr. Asaadi will surgically remove any excess or hanging skin from the arms. The avulsion arm lift technique allows for substantially less bruising, swelling, and trauma to the area when performing brachioplasty—making this method an innovative and long-lasting solution to arm laxity.

The Avulsion Arm Lift Technique:

Dr. Asaadi performs arm lift surgery by utilizing the avulsion technique. This brachioplasty method combines arm liposuction and the surgical excision of loose skin. Avulsion arm reduction results in no trauma to blood vessels, as well as little-to-no scarring, and can produce dramatic improvements to arm contours.

Liposuction Arm Lift Surgery
Tumescent anesthetic solution is administered close to the surface of the skin Performed immediately following arm liposuction
Excess fat deposits around the upper arms are gently extracted Excess skin is surgically removed from the arms
Liposuction helps sculpt the arms for graceful-looking contours Arm lift surgery can slim the upper arms and accentuate definition

What Can I Expect Before My Brachioplasty Procedure?

During your initial arm lift consultation, Dr. Asaadi will examine your overall health and medical records, as well as your arms, when determining if you are an ideal brachioplasty candidate. Patients who are looking to remove hanging arm skin and reduce the appearance of “bat wings” may be candidates for avulsion arm lift surgery.

All brachioplasty patients undergoing surgery with Dr. Asaadi are provided with pre-care guidelines. These instructions should be followed in the weeks preceding your arm lift surgery and may include certain dietary restrictions, as well as limitations on medications or supplements. You are encouraged to find a friend or family member to escort you the day of your brachioplasty procedure. Additionally, you should plan to rest for the initial days of your arm lift recovery to ensure optimal healing.

What Can I Expect After My Brachioplasty Procedure?

Brachioplasty patients may experience slight bruising or swelling after surgery; these side effects are normal and should subside within a few weeks. Dr. Asaadi’s avulsion arm reduction procedure yields substantially less swelling, bruising, and trauma than previous arm lift procedures. Depending on the extent of your surgery, a compression garment may be applied for roughly 2 weeks. Some patients may require a tiny drainage tube to aid in healing for a few days.

Arm lift patients should make sure to refrain from partaking in any strenuous activities, such as exercise or housework, in the weeks following surgery. You can usually return to work within 7-10 days, depending on your recovery. Dr. Asaadi, as well as our staff, are on hand to assist you with any post-operative questions you may have.

Brachioplasty can tighten and sculpt the arms to achieve youthful-looking results. Patients can trim hanging skin and remove unwanted fat for a more contoured appearance. Arm lift incisions are carefully placed to ensure that post-surgery scars remain virtually unnoticeable.

The Importance Of Choosing A Highly Experienced Arm Lift Surgeon

It is important that you choose a skilled arm lift surgeon who understands your individual anatomy, as every patient’s body is different. When the right plastic surgeon performs brachioplasty, there is usually no need for a revision. Dr. Asaadi stresses the importance of choosing a qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon when considering your arm lift procedure.

How Can I Get Started With Arm Lift Surgery?

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi and our staff will be happy to discuss arm lift surgery with you. Please contact our New Jersey office at 973.731.7000 or our New York office at 212.938.0158 to schedule a private consultation. You may also request an appointment online to meet with our brachioplasty surgeon.



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