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The Eyes of March: Surgical & Non-Surgical Eyelid Surgery

POSTED ON FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2024 AT 9:00 AM by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi

Your eyes are often one of the first features people may notice about your face. As the natural course of aging occurs, your eyes can begin to make you appear older than you actually are, due to sagging skin, undereye bags, puffiness, and more. Drooping eyelids, excess skin, festoons, and fine lines are all common concerns regarding the appearance of the eyes. The condition of puffiness and excess skin around the eyes can also interfere with your ability to see clearly. These concerns can be combatted with a variety of surgical and non-surgical eyelid treatments and plastic surgery. At Asaadi Plastic Surgery, we offer traditional Blepharoplasty, Festoon surgery, Upneeq®, and Young eye rejuvenation as treatment options for the eyes. Learn more about our eye procedures below!


Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is a procedure that can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery can treat sagging and drooping eyelids due to excess skin, fat, and tissue. Lower eyelid surgery can be performed to treat the appearance of undereye bags and wrinkles. Eyelid surgery can restore a youthful and refreshed appearance around the eyes.

Festoon Surgery

Festoons are the puffy bags that sit under the eye and above the cheeks, and are a very prominent sign of facial aging. Festoons can be caused by excess fat or lax muscles beneath the skin. Festoon surgery can improve the appearance of festoons by removing the excess fat from the lower eyelids stabilizing the lax muscles.


Upneeq® is a non-surgical treatment that can be used to combat drooping eyelids. Drooping eyelids, also known as ptosis, can obstruct your vision and affect your appearance as well. Upneeq® is a daily eye drop that lifts the eyelids, improves vision, and does not require surgery or extensive recovery periods. Upneeq® can achieve refreshed eyes and clear vision that starts working with the first treatment.

Young Eye Rejuvenation

Young eye rejuvenation is the non-surgical blepharoplasty technique you’ll find at Asaadi Plastic Surgery. Young eye rejuvenation utilizes Botox® injections and cosmetic fillers to carefully correct the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eye. This technique allows for the upper and lower eyelids to be treated without surgery, and can immediately lift the eyes for a brighter, more refreshed appearance and youthful-looking eyes.


Dr. Asaadi and our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about surgical and nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation, as well as any of our other procedures. Contact our New Jersey office at 913.731.7000, our New York office at 212.938.0158, or you may request an appointment online today!


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Body Contouring NJ – Preparing for Summer

POSTED ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 04, 2024 AT 9:00 AM by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi

During the long winter months, we stay indoors and out of the cold, and we bundle up to keep ourselves warm and unexposed to the elements. These winter months are an ideal time to take advantage of undergoing body contouring procedures, giving you plenty of recovery time before the summer approaches.

At Asaadi Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of body contouring procedures that can help treat the unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat and excess skin that can be challenging to get rid of, even when exercise and healthy lifestyle choices are being made. Body contouring can enhance the natural contours of the body and achieve a more defined figure.

Common body contouring procedures include tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, MAsterTuck℠, and CORE Abdominoplasty℠. These procedures can achieve a more sculpted and toned figure and provide a natural-looking transformation to the patient’s current physique. Learn more about these body contouring procedures that can help you fulfill your desired body sculpting goals!


Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is most commonly performed following pregnancy or significant weight loss to remove loose, sagging skin from the abdomen and tighten weakened abdominal muscles. The appearance of stretch marks, excess fat, and the contours of the body can be improved with tummy tuck surgery, resulting in a slimmer waistline.


Liposuction can enhance the contours of the body through techniques that target and eliminate unwanted fat along the midsection, arms, thighs, face, neck, and more. Liposuction can improve the proportions of your body profile and produce natural-looking results, leading to a more sculpted and toned figure. There are multiple liposuction techniques, including VASER® LipoSelection, super-wet liposuction, and more. Dr. Asaadi can help determine which type of liposuction is right for you.


MAsterTuck℠ is a liposuction technique that can sculpt the body by removing excess fat around the midsection to achieve natural-looking results. Patented and solely performed by Dr. Asaadi, this procedure targets fat deposits around the abdomen, flanks, and back. MAsterTuck℠ differs from traditional liposuction, as it does not leave lax skin following the procedure, but rather tightens the skin for a firmer overall appearance.

CORE Abdominoplasty℠

CORE Abdominoplasty℠ is performed by positioning patients at a 45-degree angle to allow Dr. Asaadi to discover where the abdominal muscles have weakened and where the skin has become lax, leading to bulging. Once the problem areas are identified, the CORE Abdominoplasty℠ procedure can provide patients with tighter, more defined abdominal muscles, as well as smoother skin and a slimmer silhouette.


Dr. Asaadi and his staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have concerning body contouring procedures. Contact our New Jersey office at 913.731.7000, our New York office at 212.938.0158, or you may request an appointment online today!


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Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy NJ

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2023 AT 9:00 AM by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi

Since 1985, the month of October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, there are about 264,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed in women. Many women who are diagnosed and fighting their battles with breast cancer undergo a mastectomy, double mastectomy, or another form of surgery to remove part of or all of their breasts. These surgeries can cause some women to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with their appearance. Along with these feelings, some women also feel a lack or lost sense of femininity and sexuality. At Asaadi Plastic Surgery, we offer breast reconstruction, which is also referred to as reconstruction mammoplasty.

Breast reconstruction rebuilds the breasts to closely match the appearance, shape, and size of a patient’s breasts prior to their surgery. This procedure is ideal for women who have had cancer treatments, lumpectomy, or another surgery where some or all breast tissue was removed. Saline breast implants are used for breast reconstruction and are made of a salt-water solution. These implants create symmetrical, full breasts to provide the patient with the most natural-looking results possible.


Aside from implants, a natural breast transfer can also be performed as a reconstruction technique. This surgery is performed by using a tissue expander to create a pocket in the patient’s breast for the implant. In some cases, a breast mound can form, and no breast implants are needed.

The Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

  • Restores the shape, size, and appearance of breasts after mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Natural-looking results
  • Can often be performed immediately following a lumpectomy
  • Restores confidence and sense of femininity

What to Expect Before Surgery

  • Prior to going through with a mastectomy or lumpectomy, you can begin discussing breast reconstruction and creating a treatment plan with Dr. Asaadi

What to Expect After Surgery

  • Common side effects following breast reconstruction include soreness, discomfort, tiredness, and slight swelling, bruising, or inflammation
  • Side effects to diminish in the days and weeks following the procedure
  • Recovery can vary depending on the type of breast reconstruction performed and your bodies rate of healing

Dr. Asaadi and his staff are available to answer any questions you may have concerning breast reconstruction. Contact our New Jersey office at 913.731.7000, our New York office at 212.938.0158, or you may request an appointment online today!


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NJ Body Contouring for Summer

POSTED ON TUESDAY, MAY 02, 2023 AT 9:00 AM by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi

As summer approaches, we begin to switch our wardrobes from long sleeves, jackets, and pants to shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits. From bundling up to avoid the cold to showing skin and embracing the warm weather, we all want our bodies to look and feel their best during the summer season.

Although diet and exercise are important lifestyle choices used for maintaining a healthy figure, some stubborn pockets of fat are resistant to these efforts. At Asaadi Plastic Surgery, we offer body contouring procedures to help our patients fulfill their body sculpting goals. These body contouring procedures help achieve a slimmer, more toned physique by targeting different problem areas of the body and removing the unwanted fat.

The techniques that are used sculpt, slim, tighten, and contour the body and result in natural-looking enhancements to the patients existing body profile and shape. Dr. Asaadi’s unique approach to body contouring procedures ensures long-lasting results that are natural-looking and complement your natural figure. Learn more about some of the top body contouring procedures that can help you achieve your summer body!


Liposuction techniques target unwanted fat along the abdomen, thighs, arms, face, and more. Liposuction produces natural-looking results while enhancing body contours. Dr. Asaadi can help determine which type of liposuction is right for you depending on your desired goals.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also referred to as abdominoplasty, improves the appearance of loose abdominal skin, weakened abdominal muscles, stretch marks, and excess fat. The result of this procedure is to achieve a slimmer, more contoured waistline. Tummy tuck is often performed following pregnancy or dramatic weight loss.

CORE Abdominoplasty℠

CORE Abdominoplasty  sculpts and tightens stomach muscles that have weakened. This procedure positions patients at a 45 degree angle to better identify and detect problem areas. A smoother, firmer, natural silhouette and profile are the results of this procedure.


MAsterTuck℠ is a procedure patented and solely performed by Dr. Asaadi. It is a truncal liposuction technique used to sculpt the body and achieve natural-looking results. This procedure removes excess fat around the midsection, back, and flanks and tightens the skin for a firmer appearance.


Dr. Asaadi and our staff welcome any questions you may have about body contouring, as well as our other plastic surgery procedures. Contact our New Jersey office at 913.731.7000, our New York office at 212.938.0158, or you may request an appointment online today!


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Breast Implant Removal and Replacement - NJ Cosmetic Surgery

POSTED ON MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2022 AT 6:09 PM by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi

Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure performed to enhance breast size and shape. This surgery uses implants to increase breast size, providing patients with a fuller or more feminine-looking chest.

While breast implants remain a common plastic surgery procedure, many patients are choosing to remove their implants for a variety of reasons. Over the years, as our bodies change shape and size, some patients may feel their breast implants no longer suit their figure. In some cases, patients may seek breast explant surgery following capsular contracture or other complications. Silicone breast implants are also commonly removed to switch to saline implants, known to be safer and more natural-looking. Whether you’re seeking breast implant removal for medical or aesthetic concerns, Dr. Asaadi can perform breast implant removal and breast implant replacement based on your goals and desires.

What is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is performed to extract breast implants from a previous breast augmentation. The procedure can also remove any residual scar tissue.

What is Breast Implant Replacement?

Breast implant replacement is performed in order to replace existing breast implants with ones that are safer or more suitable for the patient. Dr. Asaadi offers breast implant revision to remove old implants with implants that fit your anatomy. Dr. Asaadi only uses saline breast implants.

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal or Replacement

  •  Unhappiness With Breast Size
  •  Correct Implant Rupture or Leakage
  •  An Infection
  •  Correct Results from a Previous Surgeon
  •  Change in Physique
  •  Accident or Injury to Breast Implant

What to Expect Before Breast Implant Removal or Replacement

Before your breast implant removal or replacement, Dr. Asaadi will perform a thorough examination to assess your current implants and create a plan that will fit your needs. During the procedure, anesthesia will be administered to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process. The implants will then be removed from a small incision under the breast. New implants will be inserted through this same incision if the patient has chosen to replace them.

What to Expect After Breast Implant Removal or Replacement

The recovery process following a breast implant removal or replacement will vary depending on the patient, considering everyone heals at different rates. Swelling, discomfort, and bruising are common and will gradually subside as the healing process progresses. It is important that patients rest and allow their bodies proper time to mend.

Breast Implant Removal Paired with Breast Lift

Oftentimes, breast lift surgery is recommended following breast implant removal. After larger implants are removed, the breast tissue can be weakened and sagging. A breast lift can remove excess skin and reposition the nipples, creating a youthful-looking, perkier chest. The results of breast implant removal paired with breast lift appear natural and are long-lasting.

Dr. Asaadi and his staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have concerning non-surgical treatments. Contact our New Jersey office at 913.731.7000, our New York office at 212.938.0158, or you may request an appointment online today!


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