Facelift & Neck Lift to Improve Signs of Aging

POSTED ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2019 AT 10:54 AM  by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi

The loss of elasticity in the skin and youthful contours in the face are natural signs of aging, but certain factors such as sun damage and stress, can make these symptoms worse or make us feel as if our appearance doesn’t match how we feel internally.

Facelift surgery and neck lift surgery can improve visible signs of aging, creating a more youthful profile and taking years off your appearance.

What Is A Facelift?

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to give a more youthful facial appearance.

During a facelift, incisions begin in the hairline at the temples and extend down around the ear, ending at the lower hairline. The facial skin is repositioned, and excess fat may be removed or redistributed to sculpt and improve facial contours.  

Dr. Asaadi will also ask his facelift patients to bring a photo of themselves when they were younger, so he can work with you achieve your desired results.

What Is A Neck Lift?

Facelift surgery is often paired with a neck lift, designed to address sagging jowls, loose neck skin, and pockets of fat around the neck and underneath the chin.

With a neck lift, an incision is made below the chin, and like facelift surgery, excess skin and fat is removed or repositioned. The platysma bands in the neck may also be corrected to create a smoother-looking neck.

Who Should Get Facelift/Neck Lift Surgery?

Ideal candidates for facelift and neck lift surgery are those looking to improve sagging around the face and neck. A facelift and neck lift can reduce facial wrinkles, skin laxity, and fine lines, creating long-lasting improvements to the facial profile. Although these procedures are not designed to stop the natural aging process, the results from facelift and neck lift surgery can be long-lasting when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon.

Dr. Asaadi and our staff welcome any questions you may have about facelift surgery or neck lift surgery, as well as our other facial rejuvenation procedures. Contact our New Jersey office at 913.731.7000, our New York office at 212.938.0158, or you may request an appointment online today!


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